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The year that began in 2021 was marked by a rather difficult situation in the video card market, namely, a total shortage of even old and budget cards. The available offers can be counted on one hand, and prices will be overpriced by almost several times compared to the summer of 2020.

The reasons are quite transparent – At the beginning of the year, there was another rise in cryptocurrency rates. Accordingly, mining with video cards has again become a very profitable occupation and created a huge demand – all new series of video accelerators have been fully redeemed, and along with them, budget versions like the GeForce GTX 1660.

What types of mining are there?

Mining today is available in different forms. In general, types can be categorized as follows:

– Mining on video cards.

The most relevant method today for enthusiasts. It consists in calculating the hashing algorithm using video cards – your home computer may be suitable for this. Ideally, a mining farm is going to be made of 6-8 video cards with a powerful power supply and an Internet connection. This mining method is convenient because video cards are convertible goods, in which case they can be sold. In addition, cards usually have a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

– ASIC farms

Large farms can be classified as industrial options. Basically, this category includes special devices (ASICs) for mining BTC (and not only).

– Online mining

There are services (for example, that allow mining without any unnecessary difficulties – you just need to open a browser and create an account, and then mining will start directly from the page.

– Cloud mining

The essence, as the name suggests, is to rent mining facilities, with which you will already be mining cryptocurrency. It removes almost all risks from you: you do not need equipment, no time wasted, and in case of failure, you do not risk anything extra.

Mining on the phone

Yes, there is such a possibility. The essence is the same, only the video accelerator of the smartphone is used for the process. Of course, the profitability will be tiny, but the battery wear and overheating of the device is guaranteed to you.

The best coins to mine in 2021

We recommend that you approach the choice of a digital asset for mining with the utmost care, while studying market research, observing trends, and reading expert forecasts.

Modern miners can mine almost any cryptocurrency without any problems. Of course, some tokens are easier to mine, while others are more difficult. And the profitability of such an event can vary greatly. Here’s what is profitable to mine in 2021:


Ether mining algorithm – Ethash. Note that the top-end consumer-grade video cards from the latest generation of NVIDIA – RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 – produce 125 Mh / s and 100 Mh / s, respectively. Hence, each card can bring you $ 9 to $ 11 per day.


The dash mining algorithm is X11. Due to its advantages, Dash is rightfully considered one of the most profitable options among miners, at least for the time being. If you seriously invest in Dash mining now, you can get a good income.


The big advantage of this currency is its prevalence – today LTC can be found in all popular exchangers. Plus, keeping your savings in lightcoins is quite reliable, which is used by many crypto investors. To get about $ 43 profit per day (or ~ $ 1280 per month) from mining litecoins, it is enough to have computing power of 10 Gh / s.


RVN mining algorithm – KAWPOW. You can even start with older GPUs of previous generations, for example, NVIDIA GeForce 1030 can also show an acceptable result in Ravencoin mining. With all this, the RVN token retains the potential for further growth.


Dogecoin mining algorithm – Scrypt. The DOGE course is stable, which, coupled with minimal investment in mining equipment, makes the enterprise for mining it very profitable.


Today we found out what is better to mine in 2021: Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ravencoin and Dogecoin. But to start mining bitcoin should only be large investors who are ready to invest astronomical (for the average man in the street) amounts in the purchase of ASIK farms. For the easiest and most carefree mining on relatively new video cards, you should choose RVN and DOGE coins. Before starting your mining career, be sure to calculate the potential of your equipment using calculator services. With modest capacities, you can concentrate on mining less popular cryptocurrencies, which may rise in price in the future.

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