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Can You Exchange Bitcoin For Cash? Learn How to Convert

Bitcoin for cash

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that probably everyone has heard about. Probably the greatest interest in Bitcoins came from its financial value. And many people investing in it due to the idea that Bitcoin will eventually replace the fiat currencies, like U.S. dollars etc, which no longer will be important.

Many people wonder about how to get their virtual money in hand.

Mining digital currency is a great option for many miners to make money. One of the most popular ways to get profit from mining is the exchange of digital coins for the currencies of various countries. Income is received due to the difference in the exchange rate against the national currency.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin – Various Methods

The legal regime for the functioning of cryptocurrencies in different countries differs markedly. While in Japan bitcoin is a legal tender and equal to other fiat currencies. In China many transactions with cryptocurrencies are considered illegal. Financial institutions, including banks, lack the ability to fully organize transactions in bitcoins. This means that everyone carries out the withdrawal and cashing of cryptocurrencies at their own risk.

All this is necessary to understand why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are so difficult to transfer to a card, as is the case with fiat money or other financial assets. To withdraw Bitcoin, you often have to use a whole chain of intermediaries or look for specialized services for such operations. Fortunately, there are plenty of such services now, so there are many methods to cash out bitcoin, each of which differs in time and additional costs. These methods include: online wallets; cryptocurrency exchanges that support fiat money transactions; internet exchangers; cryptomats; e-money wallets; individuals, etc.

When withdrawing funds by any of the listed methods, it is worth considering certain nuances. So, using a bank card and payment systems for transfers is accompanied by a commission. Direct exchange operations are best done on a trusted service or with someone you know. Crypto ATMs are a fast, profitable and proven way to cash out Bitcoins. But the devices are installed only in big cities. And the use of electronic exchangers is convenient because you can order money by submitting an application via the Internet. The courier will deliver the cash home.

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How to choose a reliable exchanger?

In order to use reliable exchanger, it makes sense to use the help of a specialized monitoring portal, which contains all the known exchange offices with the most advantageous offers. All exchangers are carefully checked, which improves the security of transactions.

When choosing an exchange service for bitcoin, you should definitely read the reviews; evaluate its current status in the rating and the size of reserves. You can also find out, for example, how much Satoshi costs in dollars. The exchange takes place automatically according to the specified parameters, so there will be no surprises. To conclude a deal, you should go to the website of the exchanger, the conditions of which seemed the most favorable, and make a transfer. If you have problems with the automatic exchange of Bitcoin (BTC) for USD cash, you need to contact the site administrator. An alternative option is manual exchange.

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Let’s look to one method of withdrawing cryptocurrency

The advantages of withdrawing Bitcoin through the exchange are favorable rates, the presence in the list of different currencies, many methods of depositing and withdrawing money.

Algorithm is simple:

  1. Register on the exchange.
  2. Transfer Bitcoins from your personal account to the exchange.
  3. Exchange coins for the currency of interest or use them for personal purposes.
  4. Transfer money to Visa or Mastercard, Qiwi.
  5. Come to an ATM and withdraw money.

The size of the commission can be changed manually by you: the higher the percentage of the transaction, the faster the money transfer will take place. Typically, the confirmation time is no more than 1 hour. The smallest transaction amount is 0.01 BTC, the highest is 350 BTC.

Another method of withdrawing cryptocurrency is with the help of exchangers, you can exchange one currency, transfer your earned coins to a bank card. In addition to conversion, you can also purchase cryptocurrency:

  1. Go to any safe and simple online exchanger.
  2. Carefully fill in your personal data.
  3. Make a BTC transfer to the address of the exchange office.
  4. Withdraw Bitcoins to the card.

Now we can say with confidence that it is easy to withdraw Bitcoins from a wallet to a bank card or payment systems.

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