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Details of Financial Planning in New York

Financial Planning in New York

Shocked by two financial crises in just over a decade, anyone with two pennies to rub together is looking for ways to protect what they have. And here, in the financial center of the Universe, this is perhaps more true than anywhere else, in a place that is so expensive that sometimes it seems that you just need to breathe money. This requires careful planning to ensure that the average person lives above the cost of living. And with a huge amount of personal wealth concentrated here, the millionaire still has a lot to do to bring his lifestyle to the next level.

The NYC Department of Labor expects significant growth in the personal financial planning industry over the current ten-year period through 2026. The department projects a 15.5% increase in the number of jobs for personal financial advisors and expects the labor market for brokers to remain stable. also.

Nearly a third of American families work with financial planners, according to a survey by the Certified Financial Planner Standards Board.

Whether it’s striving for a comfortable retirement, creating savings plans for your kids, or getting the most out of your investment today, Americans will continue to look to knowledgeable financial planners for their expertise in paving the way to financial freedom.

Those who want to enter the world of finance and banking can follow the same educational path as those who eventually become a financial planner. A degree in financial planning can be the right choice for a career that includes providing financial advice and client support.

New York university certificate in financial planning

The demand for reliable financial advice from knowledgeable professionals has never been greater, and the public has a whole new perspective on the credentials of a Certified Financial Planner.

The Financial Planning Certificate is designed to meet necessary educational requirements for the Certified Financial Planner Certification Examination. The Financial Planning Certificate program consists 72 financial planning topics and includes additional relevant topics. These topics are required by CFP (Certified Financial Planner). Several formats of programs exist for matching specific needs and schedules. They are:

  • in-person Certificate in Financial Planning,
  • the Web-Delivered Certificate in Financial Planning (Live Online, Instructor-Led),
  • the Web-Delivered Certificate in Financial Planning (Self-Paced).

The Financial Planning Certificate program provides traditional learning in classes and flexibility. Also, seven modules presented covering basic topics of financial planning such as the financial and insurance planning process, investment planning, income tax planning, retirement and employee benefits planning, and inheritance planning.

Duration of the program is 3 years. A calculator proficiency test is required.

Graduate students will have following:

  • Meets the educational requirements of the Certified Financial Planner Standards Board.
  • Basic knowledge and technical skills for the professional competence of a financial planner
  • Knowledge of all 72 core topics required by a Certified Financial Planner Standards Board.
  • Ability to use a financial calculator

Who can enroll

The Financial Planning Certificate is for professionals and college graduates who wish to pursue a career in financial planning. If you the one who work with financial planners, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, stock brokers or insurance agents; and individuals interested in exploring long-term life cycle finance you can enroll for this program.  The Financial Planning Certificate programs are designed for students who wish to meet the educational requirements for the CFP exam.

The Financial Planning Association

The Financial Planning Association also known as FPA is the membership organization and professional home for those who wish to master their skills in financial planning for shaping the future of their profession.

In US FPA is the largest organization with members professionals from all backgrounds and business models. FPA members are those who adhere to the highest standards of professional competence, ethical conduct, and clear, full disclosure of information to those they serve. They provide advice using an objective, client-centered, ethical process. FPA membership consists of financial planners and all those who support the financial planning process.



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