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Does Internet Speed Affect Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining has attracted many geeks from the very beginning due to the ease of getting started with cryptocurrency mining. With virtually minimal costs (in any case, this was the case at the beginning of the existence of bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency), you can make absolutely real money simply by running one program. This, of course, cannot but excite the minds. Now mining has become so complicated that it requires certain conditions.

Mining types

Cloud mining

Firstly, it is almost impossible to get at least one bitcoin on your own from an ordinary home video card today. You need to either unite in pools, or buy a place in cloud mining, or buy your own equipment. Here, in principle, everyone chooses for themselves what they like best.

With cloud mining, you don’t actually run anything on your hardware at all – everything is done for you. You just pay the rent – in fact, you invest, and you get your interest.

Solo mining

If you participate in a pool or buy your own ASICs for solo mining, this already requires a little more costs. But the first question that beginners often ask is what Internet speed should be for mining?

On one device, the traffic is about 10 Kb / s, so a regular LAN connection will suffice. In other words, any such connection will do, since it is speed that does not really matter here. The main thing is that the signal is stable and its flow is not interrupted. Therefore, even a very fast Internet, but constantly interrupted due to technical problems or network congestion, will be much worse than a very slow but stable connection.

If your channel is not particularly stable, it may be interrupted suddenly for no reason, then as a solution we recommend taking the cheapest tariff from mobile operators and a 3G modem. Connect the modem to the miner, launch it – you’re done. Everything is as simple as two and two.

Thus, is practically irrelevant when mining. The main thing is to have a stable connection with the World Wide Web for the long run of the program. If the connection is constantly interrupted, you will have to constantly be near the equipment and restart the program. To prevent this from happening, choose a good, reliable provider if you plan to start mining cryptocurrency.

What you need to know when choosing the Internet for mining farms at home

As a rule, a stationary home Internet has ping and speed indicators sufficient for mining, so there should not be any special problems when using home Internet.

When choosing an Internet communication channel, you should, if possible, choose providers that provide the lowest ping. This will allow you to more quickly receive new tasks for finding solutions for building a blockchain from the pool servers, as well as faster transfer the found shares to them.

On serious pools, you can track the number of stale shares online. In addition, almost all software miners show the time it takes to pass the ball. This makes it possible to choose the fastest pool (with lower ping) and thus slightly increase mining income.


Can you work with an inexpensive connection? If the user stopped at buying a budget package, you need to pay attention to the points that can affect the result:

  • Stability
  • The practicality of the equipment.
  • Remote control application.

As a result, the extraction of digital currency depends on the speed only from the most powerful organizations that contain dedicated premises for farms. For the rest, mobile Internet is suitable, if it is stable. If the user will not connect the monitor and other equipment to the farm, the purchase of DSL or 3G is considered the best option. Due to this, you can easily load devices and remotely make changes to the parameters.

Therefore, does speed affect mining? No, it is important that the data transfer is stable and optimal ping is present. The more pings, the more chances that the pool will receive information about the computed balls with a delay. It is important that the ping is lower.

Olivia Chloe

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