How To Buy Ripple With Ethereum?

What is Ripple?

Ripple cryptocurrency (Ripple, XRP) is a digital asset that allows you to make payments anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time. The coin appeared in 2012. The emission of cryptocurrency is not limited, it cannot be mined. At the moment, Ripple’s technologies are being implemented by banks and financial companies to conduct interbank payments.

The advantages of cryptocurrency are fast transactions (about 4 seconds), while ordinary bank transfers take several days; the ability to scale (now 1500 transactions per second are processed, but this parameter can be increased to the throughput of the Visa payment system – 50,000) and very low commissions.

Reasons to buy Ripple

It was the approach to Ripple as money, and not as a specific commodity, that led to its immense popularity – this electronic currency, to a greater extent, compared to other electronic tokens, performs the classic functions of money:

  • Functions of money as a medium of circulation – with the help of Ripple, some assets are exchanged for others, due to the speed of transactions and minimal costs;
  • Functions as a means of payment – assets are bought and sold for Ripple. The purpose of such transactions is not the counter movement of goods. Ripple is used as a means of payment for services and values.

How to obtain Ripple (XRP)?

XRP is a popular cryptocurrency that can be bought in a variety of ways. In the crypto space, options are available for all occasions, including offers to purchase coins anonymously.

You can buy Ripple (XRP) using different ways. For example, you can buy on cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, EXMO, Binance, Currency, Bybit, FTX,, Crex24, Huobi, BTC-alpha and others. They have the opportunity to get cryptocurrency to your exchange wallet.

A popular option for those looking to buy XRP is the Stormgain exchange. The site is focused on anonymous work. To buy cryptocurrency, just register by entering your email address and confirming your phone number

For those in a hurry

Kassa exchanger is a simplified option for buying cryptocurrency. Including, it is suitable for beginners who have little idea of how to buy XRP. Unlike exchanges, buying cryptocurrencies on such platforms often does not even require registration. In the exchanger, you can buy XRP from Visa and MasterCard debit cards, as well as through several payment systems: Payeer, Advcash and from the ruble account of the EXMO exchange.

Exchange Ethereum (ETH) to Ripple (XRP)

Another way of acquiring XRP is Exchanging with another cryptocurrency. In our case will try to figüre out how to Exchange Ethereum (ETH) to Ripple (XRP).

Below you will find all exchange offices that exchange Ethereum (ETH) for Ripple (XRP) at the best exchange rate on the network. When determining a site for an exchange, it is worth paying attention to the Ripple currency reserve.

  • Exchange Team
  • E-Scrooge
  • ImExchanger (English exchanger ImExchanger which is on the market for about 5 years, at the moment of writing these article, you can Exchange 1 ETH to 2 806.4533)
  • ObmenCrypto
  • BTCLider
  • PayBTC
  • WikiExchange
  • ExchangeKey
  • Royal cash


In the list above, you have the opportunity to see a number of exchange offices, any of which is capable of automatic or manual exchange Ethereum Cryptocurrency (ether) → Ripple Cryptocurrency.

The total number working with the Ethereum (ETH) → Ripple (XRP) direction is 60 reliable exchangers.

Total reserve in exchangers: 64 502 134.41 XRP. Weighted average exchange rate: 2 698.205116 (at the moment of writing the article)

You can visit websites any of these exchangers and for the correct calculation of the amount you are giving or receiving. You can study rates and reserves in detail at any time by using Statistics function.

Reliability of exchangers

The use of monitoring allows you to increase the security of financial transactions in exchange offices. When choosing an exchange office, please pay attention to the reviews of other users, the size of reserves and the current status of the exchanger

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