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How To Get Ex Off Mortgage Without Refinancing?

If you want to remove a name from mortgage, certainly it is huge step in your life that is likely to happen. Reasons for name removal from mortgage can be divorce with your partner, splitting up, or you just want to have mortgage on one person`s name. Surely, getting mortgage together having more advantages, such as two incomes determining how much you could et and utilizing the credit scores of two people to bring down your interest rate. But in life anything can happen and now, you have decided to remove your ex/someone from mortgage. It is not an easy process of removing someone from mortgage.

Removing a name of ex from a joint mortgage is easiest through refinancing or selling the property. But if refinancing is not possible, you can still remove your name from the mortgage. Since the mortgage falls on the shoulders of the lender, the lending institution must be confident that the remaining mortgagee can be financially responsible for the loan. It is possible to remove the mortgagee’s interest on a home loan, but that mortgagee will still remain financially responsible for the loan. You can follow these tips to remove a name from your mortgage without refinancing.

Steps for removing name from mortgage

Contact the lender

The lender will determine if the contract for your loan can be replaced with an assignment and change agreement. Assignment of rights and change of conditions are carried out in business and real estate. In the event that the contract is replaced with a mortgage, the lender agrees to write a new contract, freeing the other party from any financial liability for the mortgage. All three parties (both the pledgee and the lender) must legally agree and sign a new assignment agreement and change of terms. This process requires a new contract with different conditions from the original contract.

Determine if the remaining mortgagee has sufficient financial resources to pay the mortgage.

The lender will need a credit history and documentation of the assets of the remaining pledgee as evidence. All this will indicate that he can pay the loan. Very often, the remaining mortgagee will have to pay high interest if he wants the new loan to be approved. Lenders will also need to check all the financial details of the mortgagee, including bank account, car, education and other loans, availability of loans and other financial debts.

Consider an act of waiver of rights.

Contact a lawyer who can advise on how to draw up a waiver of rights statement. This document removes the name from the real estate contract. The act of waiver of rights includes the donor (the person whose name is removed from the contract) of the recipient (the remaining party). While the waiver does not formally deprive the donor of financial liability for the mortgage, it does give the recipient a share of the property rights.

Sell ​​the property if you are unable to get name removed.

Selling the property is the only way to permanently remove your name from the mortgage, as the loan will be forgiven and a new contract will be created.


When removing your name from the mortgage agreement, it is advisable to consult with a lawyer regarding the assignment agreement and changing the conditions and the waiver of rights. The more legally binding the documents are now, the less likely it is that debt problems will arise in the future.


As I mentioned earlier, that process of removing a name from mortgage is not easiest process, but it’s not impossible either. Life is changing its not constant, financial situations often change and with those changes come new opportunities and obstacles to overcome. By reading our article you have understanding and resources to solve one of these obstacles, and I hope that other changes happening will become little easier to overcome. If you would like to learn more about mortgages and what you can to in certain situations, please visit


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