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How To Mine Bitcoin On Mac

The high price of crypto coins attracts more and more users to the extraction of digital currencies. People try to mine bitcoin on everything that is at hand: personal computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, often without even thinking how economically justified it is.

Mining of cryptocurrency on Mac         

Mining on Mac OS (MacBook or iMac) has its own peculiarities that a user working on Linux or Windows does not encounter. Many popular bitcoin mining clients do not support this operating system. Therefore, the choice of the owner of the “apple” gadget is not so great. Most  popular bitcoin mining platform is the Minergate miner. It is considered the most productive.

It worth noting that  Apple does not produce computer hardware designed specifically for mining. Their devices are primarily good for work.

In addition, the attitude of the company’s management to the extraction of digital currencies by using their developments is not yet fully understood. So, due to low energy efficiency, the Calendar 2 program for mining Monero was removed from the AppStore, at the same time, representatives of the company do not fundamentally protest against the development of such software.

The complexity of mining cryptocurrency is constantly increasing, so more and more powerful GPUs or ASICs are needed for complex calculations. Therefore, it is pointless to specifically buy Mac OS X to calculate blocks of digital currencies. We can only talk about cases when a person has one or more MacBooks that are simply gathering dust without doing anything.

But the owner of 1 or 10 MacBooks will find it difficult to profit from expensive coins from the Top 20 due to the high complexity of the network and the presence of a large number of competitors with more powerful equipment. Therefore, it is preferable to focus on low-cost or new altcoins, which are relatively easy to calculate yet, but which have certain growth prospects.

The ratio of performance and energy consumption of the device

Apple devices are considered by most users to be cooler and faster in solving everyday tasks, but when it comes to mining, they cannot compete with Linux and Windows. This is a question of the internal architecture of gadgets, algorithms for their work.

For example, a modern Nvidia GTX 1080ti graphics card, with the correct operating system settings, is capable of producing a hash rate of up to 750-800 MH / s. But mining on a Mac with its help is capable of reaching a power of only 550 MH / s, that is, the system does not squeeze all its capabilities out of the GPU.

With regard to electricity consumption, Apple products have always been famous for their “gluttony”, although when performing ordinary tasks this is not as critical as in calculating cryptocoins. If you load a MacBook with a discrete video card at full capacity, then the device is capable of “eating” up to 380 W of electricity, which is too much. Modern video adapters, issuing a higher hashrate to the mountain, consume an average of 150 to 250 W.

In addition, Apple’s feature is conservatism, and the closed nature of the system in terms of settings for operating parameters. It is almost impossible to correct any indicator, in contrast to competitors Windows and Linux, where everything can be corrected through the command line or special applications. In addition, most of the customization programs are not applicable to Mac OS.

How to mine crypto on MacBook

The basic algorithm looks like this:

  1. We need to acquire cryptocurrency wallet. You can download and install a software product (for example, Electrum) on your MacBook or use an online service (Jaxx or CoinBase). Also decide on the coin that you will mine in order to have a wallet that supports it. In our case bitcoin. Also, a good solution would be a multi-currency wallet that allows you to store a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Next, download the mining software that is compatible with Mac OS. This utility will take over the management of your hardware in terms of calculating hashes of cryptocurrency blocks. For Apple most often recommend the Asteroid application, whose interface is accessible even to beginners and does not require the ability to work with the command line.
  3. Next step is choosing a suitable pool for crypt mining. You can search for them on the Internet, carefully studying the conditions and rates of commissions and fees. You can trust Asteroid, which already contains the settings for the most popular mining communities; you just need to select the one you need from the list. You will also need to indicate the address of your crypto wallet, where the earned coins will be sent.
  4. The last stage is to launch the mining client and start mining the crypt. The user can only monitor the health of the equipment and track the mining process in the pool statistics section. To do this, you need to enter the wallet address into the search bar on the community site.

The extraction of crypts on Mac is possible under the following conditions:

  • the presence of a previously purchased or donated Mac (or several devices), which is idle;
  • access to free electricity (office);
  • mining coins is just a hobby, without considering the economic component

We hope this How To Mine Bitcoin On Mac article helps you. Thanks for reading.

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