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How to Start a Calligraphy Business?

How to start a calligraphy business? Calligraphy has been around as long as writing itself, dating back to ancient China. It is a beautiful, intricate way to express yourself, and there are many styles to choose from. Calligraphy lends itself to a variety of products, from scrapbooks to decorative accessories to bags and jewelry. Calligraphy is perfect for any area of your life.

Become a designer/calligrapher

This is a way of selling supplies and materials directly to customers. This is ideal for someone who wants to build up their own clientele while developing a strong portfolio. Many calligraphers use their talents to open their own calligraphy boutique, selling calligrapher equipment, and calligraphers directly to customers.

Start with some pre-designed calligraphies to sell to your customers

There are many calligraphers who like to draw everything first, deciding what they want to draw next, then doing it. Others have calligraphers who do all the design work, only selling the finished products. If this is what you want to do, this is a good option for how to start a calligraphy business.

Selling handcrafted items

There are many crafters who have created items for loved ones or for other reasons, such as for personal enjoyment or as gifts. These items can include everything from pencils and ink pens to scrapbooking supplies. If this interests you, there are a lot of artisans who make items for sale on consignment. If you sell your own items, be sure to check out how to calligraphy them first, as you will need to know how to clean, sharpen, and repair them if needed.

Launch an Instagram account and sell your art in your place of business

Instagram is an excellent way to show off your work, and many calligraphers have used it successfully to market themselves. You can post pictures of your work and even upload some that you’ve done to show off your creativity. People browsing Instagram won’t have to worry about purchasing your products since they’re offered instantly. All they’ll have to do is look at the images, enjoy them, and take them home. If your Instagram account is updated regularly, you could even gain several followers who’ll be interested in purchasing your products.

Use eBay to get started with your calligraphy venture

While eBay doesn’t provide as much variety in terms of calligraphers’ tools and materials, there are still many items available for sale on the site. As long as you stay on top of current trends and sell your work to a competitive market, you’ll find that you don’t have to spend as much startup capital as you did on purchasing tools and supplies.

If you decide that an eBay auction is not right for your calligrapher business, consider starting an Etsy store instead. While Etsy doesn’t provide the visual appeal that an eBay auction does, it does offer a great customer service forum. You can use Etsy to promote the products that you have for sale on your website and sell them locally.

In many ways, Etsy is a cheaper option than eBay, since you don’t have to pay as much to promote your products and you won’t have to pay as much to take care of your listings. Just make sure that your calligrapher Etsy store has plenty of testimonials and that you don’t post anything that could potentially get your store banned.

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