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How To Start A Cold Pressed Juice Business?

A Cold Pressed Juice Business

Freshly squeezed juices are only growing in popularity Juice Businessevery year. This is largely due to the low quality of juices on store shelves. The buyer is willing to pay more for the best quality. Fresh juice trade belongs to the category of business ideas with a small start-up investment.

Today all over the world there is a growing demand for freshly squeezed juices, which are made from fresh fruit right in front of customers. And it’s not just that. Freshly squeezed juice is better than canned juice, because it retains all vitamins and biological substances, which, in turn, are destroyed during conservation and heat treatment of the juice. A point of sale selling fresh juice can have a profitability of over 100%.

Fresh juice is a source of vitamins in winter, and also a delicious refreshing drink in summer. The consumers of these products are mainly athletes, adherents of a healthy lifestyle and mothers with children. Many can organize a small production of juices, since it does not require serious initial investments.

You will need:

  • come up with an assortment of juices for bottling;
  • purchase the necessary equipment;
  • conduct an advertising campaign;
  • purchase ingredients for the production of juices;
  • hire a salesperson;
  • choose a suitable place for selling products;
  • register your “business” and obtain permits.

Product range

The assortment of juices on offer is one of the most important components on which your business will be built. Fresh juices, in particular citrus fruits, are the most popular. But don’t build your business on citrus juice alone. Milkshakes and vegetable juices can be a great addition to them. They not only diversify the assortment, but also attract additional customers. Some consumers value mobility, so it is advisable to sell juices not only in cups, but also in bottles.

At the same time, you should not make too large an assortment of juices, since many products spoil quickly, especially in summer. This in turn, will lead to losses.  Therefore, unclaimed juices should be removed from the market, and the best-selling ones should be kept. For example, if freshly squeezed carrot juice is rarely bought, and the raw materials spoil, then it is worth excluding it from the range.


You will need following basic equipment:

  • Washing machine
  • bar counter and chairs
  • universal juicer
  • ice generator
  • refrigerator
  • equipment for cleaning raw materials

Selecting a place of sale

It should be remembered that the right place to sell products is the key to a successful business. Among the most successful places for the sale of juices should be noted:

  • large shopping malls;
  • entertainment centers;
  • amusement parks;
  • automobile and railway stations;
  • health-improving complexes.

In the summer, any place with a high concentration of people is suitable, since fresh juices are in the greatest demand during this time of the year. This type of business can bring good profit both in a metropolis and in a small town.

Example startup cost

Let’s name our stratup – Greenjuice. Invest in high quality equipment ($55,000) in order to prepare 1000 bottles of juice in a day. After, furnish your place ($30,000). Now you are ready to open your doors to juice lovers.

Location – $6000

Tenant improvements – $30,000

Signs and menu boards – $5,000

Furniture and other equipment – $15,000

Inventory – $7,000

Insurance – $5,400

Juice equipment – $30,000

Promotion – $3,000

Office equipment – $5,000

Total: $106,400

With around $100,000 you can prepare more than 1000 bottles per day and have front-store location on a crowded busy street. Now your juicing business is born.

But in reality, this is not how juicing business really gets started. Most of juice businesses start out small.

With little money but with great passion for juice

With low start-up investments and quick payback, this business looks very attractive. However, it should be borne in mind that trade in freshly squeezed juice is seasonal and highly dependent on the location of the outlet. A business organized in the summer in a highly passable place in a resort town can pay for itself within one month of work, even if there are competitors.

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