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How To Start A Craft Business On Facebook?

Start A Craft Business On Facebook

Today, thousands of dealers produce handicrafts, selling them at craft exhibitions, pop-up shops and through their online stores around the world. E-commerce empowers manufacturers with more options, and apps keep their businesses productive by allowing them to focus on what they do best: their craft.

Decide on a niche

Maybe you are not quite sure what you would like to do. Maybe you are looking for a new hobby to take your free time (and earn some money), or maybe handicraft is not for you at all. We have compiled a list of goods and services that you can make and sell yourself, at home. Everyone can do them: both a beginner and a master of his craft. We bring to your attention a list of Craft Business ideas for creative people:

  • Home furniture decoration;
  • Making scented candles;
  • Making soap and spa products;
  • Abstract paintings and glass painting, Faux or Mural Painting;
  • Handmade bags, shoppers and wallets;
  • Knitted things;
  • Wood products;
  • 3D Printing Products;
  • Beaded jewelry;
  • Home Decorating/Interior Design.

Undoubtedly, this list can be replenished with other ideas. And now, after we have decided on our niche, it remains to promote it. From the promotion options, we will choose the most productive, and it is Social Media. Remember, you don’t need to get stuck on one platform. In our case, let`s consider the social network Facebook.

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How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Business To Full Power

Today, Facebook has over a billion users. And 70% of them are subscribed to business pages. It’s not worth explaining how many potential clients you’re losing if your business isn’t already on Facebook. Let`s get down to business!

Step 1. Set a goal!

Think about why you bring your business to this social network?

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Increase traffic flow to the site;
  • Build closer relationships with your audience …

Depending on what your goal is, you will build your promotion strategy. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to skip this stage. Have you set? Then let’s move on.

I suggest starting your texts not from scratch, but first doing the analysis of competitors. Select leader pages in your niche. And find out: How many followers do they have? Who are these people? What kind of posts do they publish? Select the main types. For example: articles, collections of useful things, pictures with quotes. Which posts get the most engagement? How active is their audience? How many likes, reposts and comments do their posts get on average? When is the most active audience? How often do they publish promo posts? Do they conduct promotions, polls, do they organize special offers for their subscribers?

Now your only task is to structure this information and draw up your own content plan. How it will look is up to you. But I’ll say right away that the plan “in my mind” or the plan “I’ll probably publish this article today, and then we’ll figure it out” is not suitable. You need to build a schedule of posts and make a list of all posts for at least a week. Better – for a longer period.

Step 2. Create the page

So, you are thoroughly prepared, it is time for action. How to create your own business page? If you are not registered on Facebook yet, create your profile first. If it already exists, then click on the triangle at the top right of the page. In the menu that opens, select “Create Page”. Click on the category that suits you. For example, this would be a Local Company or Place. Please provide some information about the company. Next, make all the necessary settings (they are intuitive, so you won’t have any difficulties) and … your business page is ready.  Now you need to design the page. The main elements of the page design:


Upload the cover. This image is 851×315. Click “Add Cover”, select a picture. Correct it as you like – save.

What do you need to place on the cover to attract people to become your subscribers?

  • Text (but not more than 20% of the cover area);
  • Call to action (if you read somewhere that a call cannot be placed, you should know that this is outdated information);
  • Photo of the product / product / service;
  • A short description of your proposal;
  • Information about discounts, promotions, freebies, linking to trends, infographics, etc.

This is the element of your page that will identify you in the news feed.

You can choose as an avatar: your photo (if you are building your personal brand); your company logo; any other image. However, try to have no more than 3 colors on the avatar and not have a lot of detail.

Step 3. Filling the page

Mandatory filling includes the web address and a short description. The description will help the visitor understand what your page is.

Facebook has an interesting Add Button feature. Its settings depend on what you want the visitor to do when they click: contact you, play, buy, download the application, etc. Indicate the corresponding link, on which the target action is performed and save. To view what is happening in the group there is a button “Statistics”. All actions taken by you or your visitors are found here.

In addition to promoting your products / services on Facebook, this page will help you create a business account on Instagram.

Step 4. Promote the page and attract the audience

Now you have everything ready and all that remains is to attract your target audience and build relationships with it. How to do it? The simplest method is advertising. Facebook provides ample opportunities for promotion, you just need to know how to use them.

And be sure to use words that are selling on social media in your ads such as: Special; Price; Warranty; New; Delivery; Final; Security; Savings; Promotion; (In) stock; Deserve; Low; Advantage.

Selling words for posts for repost purposes: Selection; TOP; How; Why; Where; Easy; Money; Changer; Secret; Fast; Convenient; Guaranteed; People; Simple; Correct; Turn-based;​​ Effective; Methods; Promised; Assassins; Want; Recommends; Life; Tips; Important; Useful; Required; Valuable; Cardinally.

Selling words for posts, the purpose of which is to click on the link and then sell through the selling page/site: Go; Here; Now; You; Profit; Important; Have time; Benefit; Edit; More; Result; Click; Hot; Will.

Don’t make foolish mistakes. They can cost you a lot. What mistakes are we talking about?

  • Ignoring comments, especially negative ones;
  • Photo publication only;
  • Preparing sooo long posts …

6 Simple Post Ideas That Will Double Your Followers:

  1. Click on “Like” and win.
  2. Leave a comment to win.
  3. Solve the puzzle to win.
  4. Upload photos to win.
  5. Come up with a title to win.
  6. Leave your email to win.


Nothing will stop you from integrating Facebook into your business promotion strategy. Just 4 steps – and your page is ready to bring you not just customers, but also fan customers who already love your brand and subscribe to purchase from you. The key to having a successful Facebook Business Page is gaining new likes, and posting regularly.


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