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How to Start a Drone Photography Business?

So, how to start a drone photography business? Should you quit your daytime job and devote full-time to this hobby? Or, should you try to do it part-time first, so that you still have your regular day job to return to in the event that your new drone photography company doesn’t kick off successfully. But with lots of computer know-how and some savvy networking and advertising, don’t see why an aspiring drone photographer business won’t soon be profitable. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Start a Drone Photography Business?

There are several different categories under which drones can be built and launched. The most popular, and the one that almost everyone is familiar with, are aerial filming, using either fixed or miniature cameras and sensors to film people, locations, and events for the purposes of marketing, promotion, and advertising. While this is the most common model, there are others also available, such as aerial filming and wildlife imaging, which can be just as rewarding for those who know how to start a drone photography business.

Find out if you need to get a special certification to fly drones

Some areas require pilots to get special licenses, and in some cases, the pilots must be trained specially for the purpose of flying certain models. Check with your local area’s department of transportation or the local law enforcement agency to find out if there are any regulations or rules you need to follow in order to fly drones. In some cases, you may be required to get special permission to fly a certain model, so find out what the legal requirements are where you live.

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Use Facebook and YouTube to publicize yourself and your new business

Creating accounts on both social media and YouTube is a great way to let people get to know you and learn more about you and your photography services. You can post videos about how to fly drones, and you can show off some of your work. Also, consider making some short podcasts for people who listen to podcasts. Posting your podcast on your Facebook page, YouTube channel, and on your blog is a great way to let your social media fans know what you are up to. While not all of your fans will become customers, by building a following on these platforms you will definitely be able to gain the trust of many of them.

Start thinking about building a website for your business

Building a website is actually pretty easy and you don’t have to be a computer expert to build one for your online photography business. A website will let potential clients see a full-sized picture of your finished product. It will also let them find out more about you and your photography services. It is important to make sure that your website is professional looking and that it accurately expresses who you are and what you do.

Maintain an active social media presence

Creating accounts on all of the popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ is a great way to let people know what you are doing and keep connected with them. While not all of your fans will become paying customers, it is important to maintain a positive social media presence in order to attract the interest of those people who might be interested in becoming your customer.

Build a list of possible clients

As mentioned before, the best way to build a list of possible clients is through social media. While many people use Twitter or Facebook to tweet about their latest pictures, not all of them will end up purchasing drone photographs. If you want to know how to start a drone photography business, it is important to build a list of people who may be interested in aerial photography. Look up local businesses and ask if they would be willing to use your aerial photography services. If they are not actively looking for photographers, then it is likely that they would not need your services anyway.

Keep your drone photography portfolio up-to-date

The best way to convince people that you are competent and skilled at using remote aerial photography is to post fresh, new images regularly. Customers will want to view the newest pictures from your drone photography portfolio. As with any other business, it is important to update your portfolio on a regular basis so that you can keep your current clientele aware of what is happening in your drone photography business and convince future clients to work with you.

Update your portfolio even when you are not doing any shoots because it will show that you care about the quality of your work.

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