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How To Start A Medical Supply Delivery Business?

When a person is sick, it can be difficult for him to go to the pharmacy for medicines. Or, for example, everyone in the house should have a first-aid kit, but their hands do not reach its formation, someone should help in the delivery of medicines. Therefore, providing medical supply delivery services can be a successful business idea.

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Step № 1: Education Requirements.

For an entrepreneur engaged in this area, deep and specialized knowledge in this area is important, which allows him to promote the product to the buyer, since this person deals with very complex specialized medicines and equipment designed for special needs. That`s why in order to be able to organize what and how to deliver to your clients, you (or your employees) will need to graduate from an educational institution related to your business, that is, in a medical direction. This could be a two-year medical specialist training at an accredited college, the Melbourne School of Medicine, Sanford Brown Institute, or South University.

You (or your employees) will also need to take courses such as Customer Service, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act. In addition to the above, undergo training in handling biomedical, lab and pharmaceutical supplies and equipment. After all, when a person calls the drug delivery service, he may ask for advice on which medicine is more effective for this problem. The better trained your employees, the higher the credibility of your business.

Step № 2: Register your business.

So, you are determined and have sufficient funds, financial and resource, to start your own business. Then, you need to register it with federal and local agencies. Request an Employer Identification Number (EIN) by completing the two-page SS-4 form. Keep in mind that if your delivery service is a sole proprietorship, your Social Security number may be used as the EIN. Apply for an EIN online or in order to request an application call the federal Business and Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933. For the International applicants you will need to call (215) 516-6999.

Step № 3: Your business space.

When choosing a warehouse and office space to rent, pay attention to whether it is convenient to drive up to it by car or walk. The size of the premises will depend on how much you are willing to invest in your business and how many employees will work for you. In other words, for the initial stage with minimal costs, you will need to rent a small room as a warehouse for storing medical drugs or equipment and the office where orders will be accepted by telephone or via the Internet. Then the orders are dispatched to the client via a courier.

Medical equipment must be kept under special conditions. High demands will be placed on the hygienic state of the premises; therefore all conditions must be created to maintain cleanliness and order in it.

 Step № 4: Recruitment and Equipment.

In order for your business to be successful, you need to select competent personnel. As mentioned earlier, sales consultants must have a medical education and understand the products they present to customers. In addition to sales consultants, warehouse workers, an accountant, and the couriers with their own transport are needed. For each office employee you will need to purchase a computer, printer, telephone system, and fax machine to track orders and correspondence.

Step № 5: Website and promotion of your business.

On your official website, in addition to accepting orders from customers, you can post information about ongoing promotions, publish useful articles on medical topics, instructions for using the equipment. You can also periodically organize online courses or seminars for first aid, assisting in the formation of home first aid kits.

Keep in mind that it is very important to invest in advertising to grow your business. For promotion of your business you will have to advertise on the Social Media; if you do not own this skill on your own, then you will have to look for specialists whose services you need to pay for.


The most important thing for your business is the product you are selling. You will have to decide whether you will purchase in advance and store medical supplies in your warehouse, or will you purchase them immediately after placing an order by your clients. For the first option, you can purchase goods from wholesale suppliers. For the second, you will have to agree with pharmacies in advance.

A medical supply delivery can be a business that not only generates income, but also saves lives. Hence, you and your team will be required to deliver on time for your customer’s satisfaction.

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