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How To Start A Spray Foam Insulation Business?

Spray Foam Insulation – Polyurethane foam

In modern construction, many methods are used to apply special coatings that provide structures with protection from environmental influences. Almost always, the building should be insulated with one or another material, among which polyurethane foam is especially popular. In construction, the so-called rigid polyurethane foam is used, which consists of an inert gas phase. Thanks to this, it practically does not let heat through, while remaining very light. In addition to thermal insulation, it provides good sound insulation of the room, which makes it an almost universal material for protecting facades and walls.

It is used on various types of objects, which distinguishes it from other analogs such as rubber, latex, polyethylene foam and cellulose sponge. An insignificant disadvantage of polyurethane foam is vulnerability to ultraviolet rays, but it can be easily eliminated by applying additional protection, for example, paintwork. All this allows you to start your own business based on the insulation of facades by PPU spraying.

Study the market

A significant number of construction companies offer their customers such a service, but still, not every company can find it in the list of offered works. In big cities, there are likely to be several competitors, which makes it possible for many companies to make money in this direction. However, it is worth studying the market offers in order to know exactly in which segment you will have to work and whether such an undertaking is generally advisable. Insulation with polyurethane foam is relatively in demand in both commercial and private construction, but if the object is being built by a large construction company, almost always the customer cooperates with only one company, and he will not turn to a third-party organization for insulation only.

Who Is your customer?

An aspiring entrepreneur can find his clients among those homeowners who renew their insulation in their homes, and among people who are engaged in private construction, and therefore rarely turn to large construction companies, ordering a significant part of the work from construction teams, small firms, or even doing it on their own. It is also worth noting that such insulation is relatively expensive, therefore it will not find its client among low-income strata of the population and among those who strive for an economy in absolutely everything.

Possible cooperation

However, it is not always profitable to work alone, and therefore an entrepreneur can assemble his own team, which will cooperate with a small developing construction company that offers its clients only direct construction and engineering work, but cannot provide them with waterproofing, thermal insulation, sound insulation and the like. works. When an entrepreneur who is engaged in the application of polyurethane foam gets access to all projects under construction, which are carried out by his partner, which greatly simplifies his search for clients. For a partner construction organization, this type of cooperation is beneficial in that it can offer its customers a wider range of services, which means it improves its image. In this direction, there is a risk that the partner, sooner or later, having earned his own reputation and improved his financial situation, decides to engage in such services himself, and he will no longer need a separate organization.

It is worth noting that thermal insulation by applying polyurethane foam is a seasonal business. Polyurethane foam must not be applied at air temperatures below 0 ° C. In this regard, such a business must be combined with any other type of entrepreneurship to provide oneself with income all year round.

How to start?


You need to register as a business entity, and in this case it is easier to remain an individual by registering as an individual entrepreneur.

Find location

The next rather important stage in organizing your own business is determining the location of the future company. At first, it may be impractical to maintain your own premises, because clients will not need representation, all negotiations can be carried out at the client’s site.

It is especially important for a small growing company to be able to cut costs, and rents can become significant costs in the first months, which will not even allow you to cover costs. However, sooner or later you will have to find premises for your own office, and in this case it is best to be located near the residential real estate blocks under construction. That is, you need to be as close to potential customers as possible.


For work, you will need to purchase special devices for applying polyurethane foam. Lately it has been recommended to use only high-pressure installations, because they provide better material application, lower consumption, and higher productivity.

For small businesses, inexpensive equipment is suitable, which does not have extremely high performance, but is easy to transport, is easy to use and maintain, and is also somewhat cheaper than professional installations.  For the direct process of applying polyurethane foam, you only need equipment equipped with a hose of the required length and raw materials. Manufacturers and suppliers of polyurethane foam application equipment should offer their customers training in the use of the units.


Before carrying out insulation by applying polyurethane foam, it is advisable to draw up a full-fledged project for future work, in which all parameters will be calculated and features are indicated, which will significantly increase the efficiency of work.


However, the staff does not have to be large.  The most important workers are plant operators who have received specific training in the use of the equipment or have similar experience. The team can consist of a different number of people, depending on the complexity of the project and the design features of the surface to be processed, on the size of the order; usually it is at least two people, one of whom is directly the operator, and the second is an assistant. To protect employees, it is necessary to purchase special protective suits that completely cover the body, avoiding contact with sprayed particles.


It should be noted that one square meter of the treated surface can take up to four kilograms of material, so you must buy many consumable components. In general, it is necessary to dispose of about $2000 more for the purchase of the initial batch of raw materials.

The cost of work for the client varies greatly depending on the thickness of the polyurethane foam layer, its density, and the ambient temperature at which the application takes place. Usually, companies that are engaged in polyurethane foam insulation make a slight mark-up directly on the material itself, but the cost of processing 1 square meter on average is $50.

For better insulation, an appropriate material is used, and it is applied in a thicker layer, which ultimately significantly increases the cost of surface treatment. With enough orders, polyurethane foam processing can be quite a profitable business, but for that you need to have orders for large processing areas.


Such business is a good start for a person who understands and wants to engage in construction or construction support work. However, given the seasonality of this area, it is advisable to look for additional ways of income in the winter season, because it is impossible to apply polyurethane foam in some regions for 4-5 months. However, as a part of the existing construction business and its development, insulation with polyurethane foam can be a good solution.

Olivia Chloe

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