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How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business in 2021?

Are you Internet savvy? Do you have certain job skills and want to make money working from home? Below is a free in-depth guide on how to work from home as a virtual assistant (VA).

To save on hiring full-time staff for secretarial and clerical tasks, many professionals and companies are now hiring virtual assistants on a contract basis. This has increased the demand for virtual assistants and created more opportunities for them.

A virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will offer help to busy people, companies or organizations over the Internet. The tasks that you will handle include:

  1. General tasks and responsibilities are handled by a virtual assistant
  2. Writing
  3. Ghost Writing
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Research
  6. Editing
  7. Training
  8. Desktop Publishing
  9. Consulting
  10. Audio / Video / Photo Editing
  11. Coaching
  12. Consulting
  13. Accountancy
  14. Copywriting
  15. Social Media Management
  16. Project Management
  17. Programming
  18. Reading and Responding to Business Emails
  19. Setting Up Meetings
  20. Preparing Speeches
  21. Transcription
  22. E-filing Data Entry and anything you can do without being in the same physical location as your client.

So if you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant from home; or if you’re an office assistant looking to start enjoying the flexibility of working from home, this article is for you. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know to start working from home as a virtual assistant.

How to become a virtual assistant and work from home?

  1. Education

There is no general standard for educational requirements that virtual assistants must have. Rather, educational requirements vary depending on the needs of employers and the tasks to be completed. Most employers require no more than a high school diploma or an equivalent degree, but some may require a college degree. You do not need to worry about your qualifications if you have a high school diploma. Most employers value your accuracy, skills and experience; all of this will improve over time.

  1. Training

Although there is no accredited certification to train a virtual assistant, you may need to complete a training program to hone certain skills. Many websites offer online training programs for virtual assistants.

Below are some of the essential skills you must have to succeed as an VA:

  • Communication skills
  • Excellent typing skills
  • Excellent grammar and writing skills
  • Ability to use word processors, spreadsheets, databases and email
  1. Define your services

The truth is, you cannot handle any office operation. So, you need to determine what services you will provide as a virtual assistant. Will you be doing simple tasks like reading and answering emails, or complex tasks like bookkeeping? Find out what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, and what many people need.

Good advice is to look at your career history or interests and target people in that area. For example, if you are very good at academic research, your target clients will be professors, academics, and other academics.

  1. Determine how much time and energy you are willing to devote to your career. Are you planning to work full time or part time?
  2. Conduct thorough research to determine where your services are needed in your area.
  3. Know your financial constraints; your projected costs, expected income, and how long you can stay afloat until your business is successful.
  4. Prepare a detailed virtual assistant business plan and review it frequently. This will help you manage growth and other changes.
  5. Get the equipment you need

As with any profession, you need to check your equipment and resources; and make sure they are up to date and meet customer needs. Having the right equipment and resources to complete your tasks is the key to your success as a virtual assistant. Some hardware you will need as a virtual device:

  • personal computer with high speed internet connection
  • printer
  • scanner
  • copier
  • fax machine
  • active phone line
  • distraction-free home office
  1. Complete all required documents

Before you start hunting for clients, you need to complete all the legal and financial aspects of your new career and complete the required paperwork. This includes obtaining all permits and licenses required by your state or federal government and drafting a contract document for your clients.

  1. Social media and own Website.

Social media is one of the most effective tools to reach potential customers and spread the word about your services. Create accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and any social platform you can chat on. Social media can help you find customers and can also help customers find you.

Since you will be working from home, the Internet remains your best tool for finding clients. In order for people to find you, you need to set up your website. Setting up an online presence not only helps potential clients find you, but it also gives you a more professional appearance, gives you the opportunity to talk about some of your skills, and gives you the opportunity to explain your services.

  1. Promote your services

Below are a few marketing ideas you can try:

  1. Promote your business in forums and online communities
  2. Advertise your services locally. newspapers and free advertising sites


The amount of money you can make as a virtual assistant will depend on your skills and experience, the number of man-hours per week you work, and to some extent depending on the geographic area you focus your skills. Many virtual assistants start billing $ 20 to $ 35 per hour and then raise their rates as demand for their services grows.

Good luck in your own business!

Olivia Chloe

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