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What You Need To Start A Landscaping Business?

Landscape business

Business in the field of landscape today is more relevant than ever, because many enterprises and individuals strive to improve their level, approach higher standards. If your soul lies in this area, it won`t be difficult to create your own plan and fulfill your dream.

Carefully create your business plan

If you don’t know how to start organizing your business, make a detailed plan of action. It should include the following sections:

  • Registration
  • Analysis of the category of customers, the level of competition.
  • Recruitment
  • Purchase of inventory, equipment.
  • Marketing, company promotion.
  • Conclusion of contracts with consumables manufacturing companies.


Every new business has to be registered before they can legally operate. You can start wiht registering your “Doing Business As” (DBA) name, with both the state and federal governments. Your business name needs to be unique. That means, you have to check the database before starting the registration. Before these steps, you have to obtain an Employer Identification Number . This is your business’ federal tax identification number (ID), in order to open a bank account, apply for local permits and hire employees for your business.

The next step is to apply for an Employer Identification Number through the Internal Revenue Service website. The specific licenses and permits required for a landscaping business vary depending on your country. Check with your state’s business licensing association to find out what’s required in your area.


The staff depends on the scope of work and the range of services provided. As a rule, a team of 4-5 people is needed to work at one facility. The average company in this direction has an architect, soil scientist, botanist, surveyor, designer, sales manager, purchasing manager, accountant, and also handymen. Salaries in such companies are most often paid according to the “rate + percentage of the order” scheme. The number of orders and their complexity will always be different, so this approach to paying wages will be the most profitable for both the owner of the company and the employees.

Purchase of inventory, equipment.

Do not rush to immediately purchase all equipment possible for such work. Now on the market there are a lot of devices and machines for landscaping, and some of them you may not need for the first time of your activity, or you may not need it at all. It is recommended to purchase only the essentials:

  • Powerful pickup truck or truck with flatbed trailer;
  • Two commercial mowers;
  • Gas cans (1-2 gallon);
  • Trimmer;
  • Edger;
  • Blower;
  • Smaller tools: shears; rakes; gardening shovel;
  • For safety: sturdy gloves; safety goggles; steel toed boots; noise canceling headphones.

Services to provide

Landscaping companies operate on a “full cycle” basis, that is, they carry out all the work “from” to “to”. It is convenient for clients because there is no need to look for performers of individual works additionally, for the company itself it is beneficial because there is an opportunity to receive considerable income from each order. So the main services can provide:

  • area design and earthworks;
  • planting flowers, bushes and trees, as well as cutting down unnecessary plants;
  • design and construction of artificial reservoirs and bridges;
  • construction of fences, both decorative and functional;
  • construction of paths on the area;
  • installation of benches and gazebos;
  • installation of fountains, sculptures;
  • construction of an automatic watering system for plants and a lighting system on the area.

Marketing, company promotion.

In terms of advertising such a business, it is best to act in several directions: advertising in print media, advertising on the Internet, flyers and brochures. Advertise not only in conventional print media, but also in the specialized press about architecture, landscape design, and garden maintenance. Create your own website, fill it with interesting content (articles, photos) and actively promote it on the Internet. Place not only advertisements for your company, but also some useful articles, advice to those people who may be your potential customers. This will work in your favor, too.

Try to take photos of all your completed works. And show especially successful ones to your clients who came to you for consultation. A good portfolio will show that your company approaches its work with professionalism and seriousness.

Business seasonality

Landscaping is a seasonal business, so don’t expect year-round consistent profits. Usually there are practically no orders for about three to four months a year. During this time, your employees may be engaged in other activities as part of their freelance specialization or work part-time in another company. Think in advance about these points, and be sure to take this into account when drawing up a business plan for your landscape business.


We believe that you will be able to find your niche in the landscape and architectural design market. Any business, if you take it seriously, will bring the desired result. And even more so if this is its own business. We wish you luck with your business pursuits!


Olivia Chloe

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