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What’s Altcoin?

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is primarily associated with bitcoins, but having plunged into the world of digital coins, you begin to learn about the existence of many alternative options – altcoins.

The term comes from an abbreviation of two words – “bitcoins” and “alternative”. Each released modification of the cryptocurrency tries, if not to replace the forward, then at least to provide users with a more convenient digital currency, but with a lower cost of the coin. According to some online resources, the total number of altcoins reaches 500 varieties.

The first altcoin is NMC (Namecoin). It was introduced to the market in 2011 as a digital currency, but the original intention of the developer was to create decentralized domain names. Such a structure can be used not only in the field of cryptocurrency mining, but also to create various online resources that are completely independent of the policies of any countries or individual regions.

Where to follow alt coin news?

Actual news is published on the pages of authoritative information resources. Insider originates from the Coindesk platform, which is used by other sites as a primary source.

Users looking for technical data will find the BitInfoCharts project interesting. One of the first to publish important news is the CryptoCoinsNews website.


The exchange of opinions between market participants takes place on forums, and the Reddit » Crypto-Currency project has become the leader here. The site gathers people interested in making money on the Internet, and it has a large subsection dedicated to cryptocurrencies.  Other active cryptocurrency forums are:

  • CryptoInTalk
  • Beer Money Forum » Crypto Currencies
  • CryptocurrencyTALK
  • Hard Forum
  • Trendri » Cryptocurrency
  • PinoyExchange » Cryptocurrency Forum
  • CryptoFaucets Forum
  • Altcoins Talks | Cryptocurrency Forum
  • Coinexpansion
  • The Cryptocurrency Forums
  • Cryptorum
  • Free Coin Talk

Altcoin Blogs

  • CCN | Latest Cryptocurrency News Stories
  • The Capital
  • An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook
  • HitBTC Official Blog
  • The Daily Hodl | Altcoins
  • Electric Coin Company
  • Global Coin Report | Altcoins
  • Altcoin Fantasy Blog
  • Altcoin Spekulant Blog
  • Coin Payments Blog | Altcoin
  • Do I Own a Shitcoin?
  • Crypto Currency News | EOS News

What are the current best alt coins?

Now let’s talk about the most promising altcoins of 2021, based on expert opinion, rating and return on investment.

Cardano (ADA)

The project positions itself as a manufacturer of tools capable of transferring control over world systems from corporations to individuals whose talent allows them to create something new and useful.


The cryptocurrency rate strengthened against the backdrop of positive news for Ripple from the court, and in April the head of the SEC was replaced – it was the economist Gary Gensler, who has a certain background in the field of cryptocurrencies. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is pinning his hopes on him.

Against the background of Gensler’s appointment, XRP peaked since January 2018 – the cryptocurrency was trading at a price of $ 1.85 versus $ 0.2 in early 2021.

Polygon (MATIC)

One of the projects that has seen a steady increase in user activity and the number of transactions over the past couple of months is a platform for scaling and developing the Ethereum infrastructure called Polygon (MATIC).


The potential target is in the $ 770 area. This resistance is formed by the 1.61 Fibonacci retracement relative to the last fall. Moreover, it is the target area calculated from the triangle breakout point.

Technical indicators confirm the bullish sentiment and the continuation of the upward dynamics. The RSI has just crossed the 70 mark and the Stochastic is poised to form a bullish cross.


By adding these sites to your bookmarks, you can always keep abreast of developments in the cryptocurrency market. Get reliable information only from reputable sources with up-to-date information.

Olivia Chloe

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