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Today, each of us is trying to make money wherever possible, and looking towards cryptocurrencies, because this market must be said to be new, unknown, and here you can make a lot of money and at once.

But to understand the abundance of various cryptocurrencies and choose for yourself that coveted coin that will make you a new Rockefeller, it is sometimes very difficult.

And, of course, there is such a website CoinMarketCap, where the rating of cryptocurrencies is presented and you can choose the cryptocurrency that you like. The service is designed for beginners.

All known cryptocurrencies that are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges are represented in the CoinMarketCap service.

Coinmarketcap recently added coins

For newbies, Coinmarketcap’s ranking is an important factor. If the coin has not been added to the base, this does not mean anything yet. The developers are trying to add the most interesting altcoins that are available for trading on at least one of the exchanges.

However, there are coins with undefined capitalization or zero trading indicators for the last 24 hours. Such cryptocurrencies and tokens are hardly worth taking seriously, therefore, in addition to well-known coins, there are enough “useless” altcoins.

In order to find recently added coins go to the tab  “Cryptocurrencies” (at the top of the webpage),  then click on the section “Recently Added”.

At the time of writing, the list includes such coins as:

Solarfare (SLF); My Crypto Heroes (MCHC); MetaMoon (METAMOON); CatzCoin (CATZ); My DeFi Pet (DPET); Terran Coin (TRR); BNB Diamond (BNBD); CarbonDEFI Finance (CARBO); Pube finance (PUBE); upBNB (UPBNB); Loser Coin (LOWB); Nadeshiko (NDSK); Total Crypto Market Cap Token (TCAP); Small dogecoin (SDOG); CryptoBlades (SKILL); Blocktyme (BTYM); CateCoin (CATE); Snowball  (SBT); PhoenxiDefi Finance (PNIXS); CCSwap (CC); Token Echo (ECHO); Richie (RICH); PIXL (PXL); DiamondToken (DIAMOND); SAFEPLUTO69 (SAFEPLUTO); Safeicarus (SAFEICARUS); 420x (420X); Widercoin (WDR); Altura (ALU); Pussy Financial (PUSSY).

Coinmarketcap coin portfolio

After you successfully invest in cryptocurrency, you will need to conveniently and quickly track your entire crypto portfolio in order to understand how much it is valued in dollar terms and what% of the portfolio is each coin you bought. It is very important to monitor these indicators, because with the help of them you will be able to understand market trends and quickly respond to sudden changes in the price of various cryptocurrencies from your portfolio.

First of all, go to the CoinMarketCap website or download their application. The next step is to go through a simple registration process. Next, go to the tab  “Portfolio” (at the top of the webpage). Then click “Create your Portfolio”. In the window that opens, select any coin that you have, for example, bitcoin.  The next step is to enter the amount of BitCoin in the Quantity section, then in the Price Per Coin section, enter the price at which you bought BitCoin. Below you can specify the date, purchase commission and write a note. Click Add Transaction.

After adding 1 coin, you will have a portfolio page. Now, by clicking on the Add Transaction button, add the rest of our cryptocurrencies in the same way.

As a result, we get about the following picture, where you can track a list of all your assets, profit or loss for each coin, both in dollars and in percentage terms.

3 tips for trading successfully with Coinmarketcap

These tips will help you make a profit using the standard tools of this resource:

– To assess capitalization by coins and tokens, specialized sections are used separately. Access to them opens in the additional menu, which is located at the top right of the main page.

– In the “Ratings” section, you can choose a suitable exchange from the list of the best resources for reported and adjusted trading volumes.

In the list of Coinmarketcap services there is an automatic newsletter, thematic analytics. The corresponding setting can be done in a few minutes after the simplest registration procedure.

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